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Family backyard fun

Spring 2020… oh, The Raynes wanted an outdoor but a relaxed session so what better way to do it than to shoot at their very own backyard! It was a beautiful open space and pretty much a blank canvas for us to do what ever theme we wanted to do.  I didn't want them to just stand there and smile though. I wanted it to be interestng, something that's uniquely them, something that shows their fun side and their loving connection as a family. So I told them of my idea: "Let's have a picnic!" and I bet they though I was crazy. Hahaha! But, Oh.My.Gosh! It was perfection! Well, they were awesome to photograph and such a great looking family so it isn't all me. Hahaha! And oh, I brought on a Teepee for the kids too to change it up a bit 'cause, eh, why not?

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