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Congratulations 2020 Graduates!

Year 2020… we're only half way through the year but man, what a ride! We all have been through so much, the world has been through so much. We've seen and felt the effects of this unprecendented time in all aspects of our lives and one area where it's been very evident is with our education system. How the kids learned, how guardians suddenly became teachers and graduates suddenly had to discard all the plans they had for the end of the year. The day where all their hard work becomes tangible, their achievements highlighted… that day when they go up the stage with their peers to receive their diplomas that signifies they are now entering a new phase in their lives, now postponed, cancelled or altered to fit the "new normal". Took them years to get that diploma, of course it deserves a celebratory ceremony! A tradition that is very important to many. However, as we all know, unexpected things can happen in life. We were all taken a back by this pandemic that pretty much slowed down our ever busy lives. Suddenly plans were changed, dropped and routines were disrupted but hey, isn't life about changes and growth?

To the gradutes of 2020, I want to say that though your plans may have changed, nothing will ever take away the experinces, the memories and achievements you have had throughout the years. Disappointments and challenges in life will make you stronger, develop grit and round you up as better person.

So, here's to you guys! Congratulations and be the positive change the world needs. Lead the way to a brighter and better future.

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