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Q & A

Here are some questions that I have been asked frequently or recently:


Q: How many images are included in the session?


A: It depends on the package you purchased.  For example, if you purchased a family session for a family of six (6) or less, you will receive 20 fully edited digital images.


Q: Can I purchase additional images?


A: Of course!  Each image is only $5.00 each.  Please note that these prices are subject to tax.


Q: Do you give the print release?


A: Yes, it is included in the package and will be provided with the client agreement so you can print the document.  


Q: Do you sell RAW files?


A: No, I do not.  


Q: Do you provide unedited images?


A: No, I do not.


Q: Can I use my images for commercial purposes?


A: Unless the package you purchased includes a commercial usage license, no, you may not.  The images will be solely for personal use only as stated in the client agreement.


Q: I booked a family session but, can one family member change clothes and have their senior, dance, cheer, sports etc… pictures taken the end of the family session?

A: Yes and No. Ha!  We can do combined shoots but, you will still have to purchase the 2nd session.  I caution people to do this as it doesn’t necessarily mean the session will be as awesome like when it is shot on its own.  For example, we can run into issues where we are running out of good light or your family session is cut short to give to the other session, among other unforeseen problems we can run into.  Each session have different styles and some will need a better location or will need more planning put into it.  I will honestly say that doing the sessions separate will be more value for your money.      


Q: How soon can we get our images back?


A: Within 7 business days from the shoot you will receive the sneak peek and proofing gallery.  Within 7 business days from the date I receive your confirmation that you have completed your selections, you will receive your final gallery.  The only thing that is variable is how soon you can complete your selections.   I do not rush anyone but I recommend that you complete the selections within a week.  If you need more time, just let me know.  I will check in on you too in case I do not see anything within a week of sending the proofs.

Though very rare, there might be instances where the delivery of your gallery will be delayed.    Usually these are unforeseen situations such as but not limited to, technical issues or health issues.  You will be notified ahead of time in the event such things happen.

Q: Do you offer refunds?


A: If you signed a client agreement, you have agreed that the booking fee (25% of the package price + tax) is non-refundable.  If you decided to pay in full before doing to shoot but suddenly had to cancel, you will receive your money back less the booking fee.


Q: What if I did not sign a client agreement?


A: If you didn’t receive a client agreement to sign or an invoice to pay, nothing is binding and you are not obligated to pay anything.  On the other hand, I am also not obligated to shoot, edit or send anything unless I explicitly stated in writing that I will like via text message or email which is usually for a trade shoot. 


Q: Do you do trade shoots?


A: I do but, very rare.  Reach out and send me an email to see if it's a project we can work on.

Got a question?  
Send me note and I'll do my best to assist.

Thanks for reaching out!  Will get back to you shortly!

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