Have you ever loved something that you cannot sleep because you can't wait to do it? That ideas flood your mind that you have this need to put them in action (in my case, photographs) otherwise you'd go crazy? That's me and photography. 

I discovered my love for photography back in college when I secretly took my dad's film SLR with me to an out reach program.  As I snapped photos of people and events, little did I know that it was my introduction to photojournalistic photography.  Needless to say, I was hooked!  When I was finally able to get my hands on my very own digital camera, it became my travel twin; attached to my hip as I traveled to different countries. I became obsessed. Travel photography became my thing and made me dream of working for the likes of National Geographic or Conde Nast Traveler.  However, instead of following that dream, the realist in me took a day job and stowed my camera away. 


Years passed and I became a mom for the first time followed by baby number 2 years later. My children gave me a reason to pick my camera back up.  As time went by and hard drives filled with their pictures, they've grown weary of being my models.  It became a problem because didn't want to stop taking photos but I have nobody to take pictures of.   Then one day at a park, a little boy kept on looking and posing for me while I tried taking candid photos of my children. He just kept on holding a pose whenever he sees me. I finally got the courage to approach his mom asking for permission and promised edited files.  That's when I knew.  That's when I started to believe that photography is here to stay.

Hi, my name is Anna.  Mother to two darling kids, wife to a supportive husband and I would love to be your photographer.   Let's create!